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kamm_cl_mediumSell the Record Label Way to unsigned musicians

This eBook explains how unsigned musicians can successfully promote and market their music by adapting the proven methods used by record labels and professional promoters.

Successfully applied by the author himself. Multiple times.

Kick A** Music Marketing shows musicians how and where to sell their music and settle for real currency instead of clicks and likes.

The vast majority of successful album releases are being marketed by record labels. So these companies are doing something right. Kick A** Music Marketing shows exactly what it is in a detailed manner; and how it works.

What Musicians will learn
Muscians will learn how to create a professional music marketing campaign as used by record labels and music promoters.

Therefore musicians will do the following:

  • find their very own niche on the underground market
  • find, build and maintain personal (!) media contacts
  • find and deal with international distributors
  • craft and submit press releases
  • set up an album release campaign with all its components perfectly in place
  • take measures to stay atop their scene during downtimes between two albums

A special direct marketing method which regularly generates 100+ CD orders at day 1 of an album release directly through the author’s website.

$27.00 (55% affiliate commission through ClickBank(R)).
That’s only 3 album sales to cover the costs.

Affiliate Tools: 
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I will be happy to assist you with any questions. You will find my contact information in the Affiliate Toolkit.

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Here’s to our mutual success – and that of many musicians !!!


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